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Slow Down. Reduce the Noise.
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How I walked my life into financial freedom 
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The Courage to be Disliked Ichiro Kishimi Fumitake Koga
Someone has to start. 
Other people might not be cooperative, but that is not connected to you. My advice is this: you should start. With no regard to whether others are cooperative or not. My advice is exactly the same. 

Does one accept oneself on the level of acts, or on the level of being? This is truly a question that relates to the courage to be happy.
The Dream David Ike
Arrogance and ignorance are the combination that comes together to make stupid. 
The arrogance of believing you know provides essential cover for the ignorance of not knowing. 
To never question authority narratives is to believe that authority is never wrong and never lies. 
This is a state of extreme naivety and denies all the lessons of history, but still breathtaking numbers fall for it. 
A brilliant move made a second too late or too early would be the move of a fool. While a seemingly foolish move, made at the perfect moment, could be found to be a stroke of genius.
True strength is to see that we can rise above a moment of despair. 
Turn your life into irrefutable proof.
Inflamed Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice Rupa Marya Raj Patel
Health is not the static condition of an independent organism but a state of dynamic interaction of systems within systems, synchronized and harmonized in ways that support the thriving of the entire whole. Health is not something we can attain as individuals, for ourselves, hermetically sealed off from the world around us. An injury to one is an injury to all.
Power Elite C. Wright Mills Alan Wolfe
The gaps between the identity and aspiration lead to technique and/or to escape. That is probably the basic psychological formula of the mass media today. But, as a formula, it is not attuned to the development of the human being. It is the formula of a pseudo-world which the media invent and sustain.
(1) the media tell the man in the mass who he is — they give him identity; 
(2) they tell him what he wants to be — they give him aspirations; 
(3) they tell him how to get that way — they give him technique; 
(4) they tell him how to feel that he is that way even when he is not — they give him escape.  
The Paradox of Choice Barry Schwartz
Clearly, our experience of choice as a burden rather than a privilege is not a simple phenomenon. Rather it is the result of a complex interaction among many psychological processes that permeate our culture, including rising expectations, awareness of opportunity costs, aversion to trade-offs, adaptation, regret, self-blame, the tendency to engage in social comparisons, and maximizing.
It is the framing of the choice that affects our perception of it, and in turn affects what we choose.
Awaken the Starlight Within I. C. Robledo
A brilliant move made a second too late or too early would be the move of a fool. While a seemingly foolish move, made at the perfect moment, could be found to be a stroke of genius.
True strength is to see that we can rise above a moment of despair. 
Turn your life into irrefutable proof.
Better Decisions Fewer Regrets Andy Stanley
The Integrity Question: 
Am I being honest with myself . . . really? 
The Legacy Question: 
What story do I want to tell? 
The Conscience Question: 
Is there a tension that deserves my attention? 
The Maturity Question: 
What is the wise thing to do? 
The Relationship Question: What does love require of me? 
Nahjul Balagha Mohammed Ali Al Haj Salmin Sermons of Ali Peak of Eloquence
There are two kinds of faith:(1) Strong and firm faith. 
(2) Weak and vacillating faith. 
Do not blame a man for his weak faith. Wait and see him till his death, and then form opinion about him.
Change Your Mind RJ Spina
Freedom is not doing whatever you want whenever you want. True freedom is escaping the tyranny of the mind. Once experienced, nothing can ever control you or hold you back. 

You are awareness itself, not what you are aware of. Never let that truth stop marinating within your heart. This defeats all programs of misidentification.
To own your own mind is the greatest gift and the most beautiful treasure. No one can give that to you or do it for you.
You Made it Up Now Stop Believing it Kathi Sohn
- The Body Memory Process - to release your childhood vows is comprised of the: 
DISAVOWAL process — 
which empties the physical cup, 
the AFFIRMATION process — which empties the mental cup and 
the FORGIVENESS process — which empties the spiritual cup. 
With Intention Jon Giganti
There are five “lacks” that hold us back from growth: 
Lack of Self-Awareness
Lack of Ownership
Lack of Vision
Lack of Discipline
Lack of Growth

These five components concern our relationship with others: 
Lack of Authenticity
Lack of Compassion
Lack of Creativity
Lack of Humility
Lack of Energy
How to Read a Book Mortimer Adler Charles Van Doren
The mind can atrophy, like the muscles, if it is not used. Atrophy of the mental muscles is the penalty that we pay for not taking mental exercise. Reading a book is a kind of conversation. You may think it is not conversation at all, because the author does all the talking and you have nothing to say. 
If you think that, you do not realize your full obligation as a reader — and you are not grasping your opportunities. As a matter of fact, the reader is the one who has the last word.
Primary Greatness Stephen R. Covey
A successful life is about primary greatness — 
a life of duty, honor, integrity, perseverance, self-sacrifice, and service, regardless of material rewards or circumstances. These are natural, universal, unbreakable principles. The principles that govern reality are inarguable. They are beyond our control. They don’t care if we believe in them— they simply are. 
Nikola Tesla. The Force Awakens Dmitriy Kruk
"It is strange indeed that we, beings in the highest state of development in this world, beings with such immense powers of thought and action, should be absolutely at mercy of our unseen foes" - Nikola Tesla.
The Intelligent Guide to the 6th Sense Heidi Sawyer
The main purpose in developing your psychic ability should be to learn about yourself. 
You may have had psychic experiences that initially triggered your interest, but the main reason for exploring this area should be you.
The Universal One Walter Russell
To know the wave is to know the secret of creation. 
The wave is nature’s method of transferring the dimensionless concept of form in inertia to dimensional form in mass in motion try an impact of the energy of the concept against the inertial plane.
Your Next Five Moves Patrick Bet-David
Keep these things in mind:
Your vision must align with who you want to be.
Your choices must align with your vision.
Your effort must align with the size of your vision.
Your behavior must align with your values and principles.

Inquiry Leads to Acceptance, Which Leads to Power
The Gift of Failure Jessica Lahey
Small failures, when the stakes are relatively low and the potential for emotional and cognitive growth is high, are what psychologists Elizabeth and Robert Bjork call “desirable difficulties”. Learning that comes with challenge is stored more effectively and more durably in the brain than learning that comes easily. 
The Inner Work by Mathew Micheletti Ashley Cottrell
It is a contemplative lifestyle approach, not something to attain or a destination to arrive at. 
Source of our dissatisfaction is the mind’s internal dialogue, not the subject of its complaints. 
We are the only ones who are in control of how we experience our lives — we are that powerful. 
Be happy for no reason, 
like a child. 
If you are happy for a reason, you’re in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.
The Hidden Messages in Water Masaru Emoto
The days of believing only that which can be seen by the naked eye have passed, and we are now starting to open our eyes to the importance of the soul. The human body is essentially water, and consciousness is the soul.
To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.
How to Extract Info Secrets and Truth Patrick King
People can say whatever they like, but it’s always been understood that “actions speak louder than words” and that people’s facial expressions or body language can inadvertently reveal their deepest selves. 
We are in effect communicating all the time, sending out information about our intentions and feelings—but only a small fraction of this is verbal.
Polymath Peter Hollins
The conclusion is clear: 
being a jack of all trades not only doesn’t distract from your efficacy in your chosen discipline(s), it may well positively benefit your success in at least one of those fields.
The Hundred Years' War on Palestine Rashid Khalidi
The surest way to eradicate a people’s right to their land is to deny their historical connection to it.
The Power of Writing it Down Allison Fallon
There are three elements your writing needs to cover in order to have the power of change: facts, thoughts, and feelings.
Facts: What are the facts of what happened? 
Story: What is the story I am telling myself about what happened? 
Feelings: How do I feel about what happened and about the story I’m telling myself? 
Actions: What did I do to engage or disengage with what I felt?
Result: What was the outcome of my chosen action? 
Lifespan David A Sinclair PhD
The tragedy of the commons is that humans are not very good at taking personal action to solve collective problems. The trick to revolutionary change is finding ways to make self-interest align with the common good.
Stop Overthinking Nick Trenton
Attitude 1: 
Focus on what you can control, not on what you can’t 
Attitude 2: 
Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t 
Attitude 3: 
Focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have 
Attitude 4: 
Focus on the present, not the past or the future 
Attitude 5: 
Focus on what you need, not what you want 
The Secret Life of Plants Peter Tompkins Christopher Bird
Four main questions, said Lawrence, were starting to attract serious attention:

Could plants be integrated with electronic readouts to form major data sensors and transducers? Could they be trained to respond to the presence of selected objects and images? Were their alleged supersensory perceptions verifiable? Of the 350,000 plant species known to science, which were the most promising from the electronic point of view?
Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Gilbert
Most stimuli are ambiguous —that is, they can mean more than one thing — and the interesting question is how we disambiguate them — that is, how we know which of a stimulus’s many meanings to infer on a particular occasion. Research shows that: 
context, frequency, and recency are especially important in this regard. 
Singularity is Near Ray Kurzweil
Everyone takes the limits of his own vision for the limits of the world. —Arthur Schopenhauer
If you understand something in only one way, then you don’t really understand it at all. The secret of what anything means to us depends on how we’ve connected it to all the other things we know.
Psychotherapy East and West Alan Watts
Consciousness; there could be no knowing, no control of human affairs, no science or art, without the opposition of the knower to the known, that is, of civilized order to nature and of the ego to the unconscious. 
All that is distinctively human is against nature even though — and here is the conflict — inseparable from it. 
Ego arises out of the tension between the libido and culture; the ego is a social artifact. 
The Secret Language of Cells Jon Lieff MD
Cells use multiple signals at the same time. 
All of the following can serve as signaling devices: 

•secreted chemicals 
•launched sacs filled with genetic instructions 
•electric currents 
•electromagnetic waves 
•physical contact by cells 
•biological nanotubes between cells
Friendly Fascism Bertram Gross
Herbert Schiller analyzes five of the myths, which in his judgment have represented the media’s greatest manipulative triumphs of the past: 
(1) the myth of individualism and personal choice; 
(2) the myth that key social institutions are neutral instead of serving concentrated wealth and power; 
(3) the myth that human nature does not change, despite the mythmakers’ successes in helping to change it; 
(4) the myth of the absence of serious social conflict; and 
(5) the myth of media pluralism.
Civilization and Its Discontents Sigmund Freud
Bit of truth behind all this – one so eagerly denied – is that men are not gentle, friendly creatures wishing for love, who simply defend themselves if they are attacked, but that a powerful measure of desire for aggression has to be reckoned as part of their instinctual endowment. 
The True Believer Eric Hoffer
Where freedom is real, equality is the passion of the masses. 
Where equality is real, freedom is the passion of a small minority. 
Equality without freedom creates a more stable social pattern than freedom without equality.
The Self Aware Universe Amit Goswami Ph.D.
Behold the following quantum properties:
1. A quantum object (for example, an electron) can be at more than one place at the same time (the wave property).
2. A quantum object cannot be said to manifest in ordinary space-time reality until we observe it as a particle (collapse of the wave).
3. A quantum object ceases to exist here and simultaneously appears in existence over there; we cannot say it went through the intervening space (the quantum jump).
4. A manifestation of one quantum object, caused by our observation, simultaneously influences its correlated twin object—no matter how far apart they are (quantum action-at-a-distance).
Exponential Organizations 2.0 Salim Ismail Peter Diamandis
Your Outward-Facing Characteristics- SCALE: 
Staff on Demand 
Community and Crowd 
AI & Algorithms 
Leveraged Assets Engagement

Your Inward-Facing - IDEAS: Characteristics 
Autonomy Social Technologies

The ExO Mind Map, The five SCALE attributes represent creativity and growth, and the five IDEAS attributes deliver the control framework and drive culture.
The Secret Teachings of All Ages Manly P. Hall
Those who suppose they have found truth are called Dogmatists; 
Those who think it incomprehensible are the Academics; 
Those who still seek are the Skeptics.
How to Listen with Intention Patrick King
There are five different levels of listening that we experience, from total ignorance to almost consuming attention. 

The levels are: 
Pretend listening 
Selective listening 
Attentive listening 
Empathetic listening
Amusing ourselves to death Neil Postman
To be unaware that a technology comes equipped with a program for social change, to maintain that technology is neutral, to make the assumption that technology is always a friend to culture is, at this late hour, stupidity plain and simple. 
The problem, in any case, does not reside in what people watch. The problem is in that we watch. The solution must be found in how we watch. 
The Power of Awe Jake Eagle Michael Amster MD
A.W.E. stands for 
Attention, Wait, Exhale and Expand, and the method is a five- to fifteen-second, three-step process—a type of “microdosing mindfulness,” or a brief, informal mindfulness practice that also is supported by science.
30 days to reduce anxiety harper daniels
Observe your body. 
Observe how it feels, moves, and reacts. 
Try to observe everything about your body while you’re anxious. Be aware of anxiety’s affect on your body.
How to Become a People Magnet Marc Reklau
When you stop making assumptions, and start to ask questions, your communication will reach a new level of clarity, free from mind-movies, imagined worst-case scenarios and judgment. 
Even better: once your communication is clear, all your relationships will change dramatically - some for the better, some for the worse (let the latter ones go). Stop making assumptions and start asking questions. 
It will change everything.
No Self No Problem Chris Niebauer Ph.D.
The conundrum of the left brain: 
there is a limit to its understanding through categorizing and interpreting, and although we can hit that limit quickly and easily, many people, including some of the most well-known psychologists and Western philosophers, disregard this fact and put all their stock in the power of thinking. 

Identity is merely a pattern of events in time and space. Change the pattern and you have changed the person
Imaginary Book Imaginary Author
What are your values? 
What motivates you, externally and internally? 
What is your why? 
Why would you do anything? 
What makes you happy? 
How do you create 
Time and Space for You?
How do you satisfy 
your needs? 

Pursuit of Happiness 
Happiness of Pursuit? 
Where do you find JOY?
The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible Charles Eisenstein
Every act of generosity is an invitation into generosity. 
Every act of courage is an invitation into courage. 
Every act of selflessness is an invitation into selflessness. Every act of healing is an invitation into healing. 

How will you choose your story? How will you influence how others choose theirs?
Games People Play Eric Berne
The advantages of social contact revolve around somatic and psychic equilibrium. They are related to the following factors: 
(1) the relief of tension; 
(2) the avoidance of noxious situations; 
(3) the procurement of stroking; and 
(4) the maintenance of an established equilibrium. 

At any given moment each individual in a social aggregation will exhibit a Parental, Adult or Child ego state, and individuals can shift with varying degrees of readiness from one ego state to another. 
Get Anyone to do Anything David J. Lieberman
When you’re in control, you’re accomplishing more and feeling terrific about yourself and about your life. 

Empowering others will allow you to take your personal growth to an entirely new level.
The Art of Alchemy Gabriyell Sarom
Physical Alchemy 
Energetical Alchemy 
Mental and Psychological Alchemy 
Spiritual Alchemy 

Principle #1: The five senses show a limited perception of Reality 
Principle #2: There is an underlying source to everything that exists 
Principle #3: The source of unlimited power can be accessed from within 

Mind Union – Lunar Marriage 
Body Union – Solar Marriage 
Spirit Union – Stellar Marriage
The Mountain is You Brianna Wiest
Moving from self-sabotage to self-mastery sounds like an extraordinary transformation, when in reality it is the natural course of coming to understand that you were responsible for holding your life back, and so you are also capable of moving it forward. 
 One day, the mountain that was in front of you will be so far behind you, it will barely be visible in the distance. But who you become in learning to climb it? That will stay with you forever. That is the point of the mountain. 
Rules for Radicals Saul D. Alinsky
First, there are no rules for revolution any more than there are rules for love or rules for happiness, but there are rules for radicals who want to change their world; there are certain central concepts of action in human politics that operate regardless of the scene or the time. 
To know these is basic to a pragmatic attack on the system. 
Man and his Symbols Carl Gustav Jung
These four functional types correspond to the obvious means by which consciousness obtains its orientation to experience. 

Sensation (i.e., sense perception) tells you that something exists; 
Thinking tells you what it is; Feeling tells you whether it is agreeable or not; and Intuition tells you whence it comes and where it is going.
The Mind in the Making James Harvey Robinson
Few of us take the pains to study the origin of our cherished convictions; indeed, we have a natural repugnance to so doing. We like to continue to believe what we have been accustomed to accept as true, and the resentment aroused when doubt is cast upon any of our assumptions leads us to seek every manner of excuse for clinging to them. The result is that most of our so-called reasoning consists in finding arguments for going on believing as we already do.
Life's Amazing Secrets Gaur Gopal Das
Watch your thoughts, they turn into words. 
Watch your words, they turn into actions. 
Watch your actions, they turn into habits. 
Watch your habits, they turn into character. 
Watch your character, it turns into your destiny. 

It all begins with a thought.
The Science Delusion Rupert Sheldrake
The mechanistic theory of life has degenerated into misleading metaphors and rhetoric. The materialist agenda was once liberating but is now depressing. 

The realisation that the sciences do not know the fundamental answers leads to humility rather than arrogance, and openness rather than dogmatism. Much remains to be discovered and rediscovered, including wisdom.
Real Magic Dean Radin PhD
The essence of magic boils down to the application of two ordinary mental skills: attention and intention. 
The strength of the magical outcome is modulated by four factors: belief, imagination, emotion, and clarity. 
That’s basically it.

"The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible." - Arthur C. Clarke
The Happiness of Pursuit Chris Guillebeau
“What’s worth living for?” matters more than 
“What’s worth dying for?” 

The real world is what you make of it. After completing a quest, the next steps are up to you. Everyone has a calling. Follow your passion.

Dissatisfaction + Big Idea + Willingness to Take Action = New Adventure
Censoring God Jim Willis
It has been said that the smartest thing the devil ever did was to convince humans that he didn’t exist. Reading of the Sumerian myth goes one step further. It says that the smartest thing the devil ever did was to convince humans that he was God. 

The great tragedy of religious history is not that the core message of the great faiths is wrong. It is that it is too often ignored.
Flow Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi The Psychology of Optimal Experience
The solution is to gradually become free of societal rewards and learn how to substitute for them rewards that are under one’s own powers. 
The most important step in emancipating oneself from social controls is the ability to find rewards in the events of each moment. 

But it is not by abandoning ourselves to instinctual desires that we become free of social controls. We must also become independent from the dictates of the body, and learn to take charge of what happens in the mind. Pain and pleasure occur in consciousness and exist only there.
Read People like a Book Patrick King
As you’re developing your body language reading skills, it may help to keep a few key principles in mind: 
Establish normal behavior. 
Look for unusual or incongruent behavior. 
Gather plenty of data. 
Look for mirroring. 
Pay attention to energy. 
Remember that body language is dynamic. 
Context is everything. 
Cupid's Poison Arrow Mania Robinson
How does our friend Cupid do it? Well, he dips that arrow in a lot of neurochemicals that evoke powerful “I gotta have it!” signals in our mammalian brain. 
When we chase things in our lives, we’re not after the things as much as the feelings associated with high dopamine. Dopamine is released in response to expectations —rather than actual levels of pleasure.
Life 3.0 Max Tegmark
Welcome to the Most Important Conversation of Our Time

Life 1.0 (biological stage): evolves its hardware and software 
Life 2.0 (cultural stage): evolves its hardware, designs much of its software 
Life 3.0 (technological stage): designs its hardware and software
Empire of Illusion Chris Hedges
When opinions cannot be distinguished from facts, when there is no universal standard to determine truth in law, in science, in scholarship, or in reporting the events of the day, when the most valued skill is the ability to entertain, the world becomes a place where lies become true, where people can believe what they want to believe.

Those who slip into this illusion ignore the signs of impending disaster.
Hide and Seek The Psychology of Self Deception Neel Burton
Who would we be if we could suddenly shed all our ego defences?

People who deceive themselves are, to echo Socrates, people who do not know themselves; and people who do not know themselves do not know their own good and evil.
Is the cycle simply going to repeat itself, or will the truth, at last, make you free?
How Highly Effective People Speak Peter Daniel Andrei
Rhetoric is a tool. It is as good as you are. It is as evil as you are. It is a reflection of our nature. Rhetoric is the best of us and the worst of us. 
Separate the speaker from the strategy. Communication creates reality.
Don't Believe Everything You Think Joseph Nguyen
At its fundamental level, the human experience is created by these three principles: Universal Mind, 
Consciousness, and Thought. 

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 
— Albert Einstein
The Unfair Advantage Ash Ali Hasan Kubba
Five categories of unfair advantages, which comprise the MILES Framework. 
They are: 
Money, Intelligence and Insight, Location and Luck, Education and Expertise, Status.

Your Unfair Advantages can’t easily be copied or bought. Your set of Unfair Advantages is unique to you. Always partner up with somebody with unfair advantages that balance out yours.
School Sucks Peter Collesano
Remember, the idea is not to only place blame, but to get to a point where we are no longer a poorly educated society that is becoming more and more dependent.

 Let’s get back to being independent, educated and prosperous.
Limitless Jim Kwik
If there is a gap between your current reality and your desired reality, here’s the reason: There is a limit that must be released and replaced in one of three areas.

A limit in your Mindset
you entertain a low belief in yourself, your capabilities, what you deserve, or what is possible. 
A limit in your Motivation
you lack the drive, purpose, or energy to take action. 
A limit in your Methods
you were taught and are acting on a process that is not effective to create the results you desire. 
1984 George Orwell
Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious. Doublethink - means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.

Who controls the past, controls the future. 
Who controls the present, controls the past.
Treatise of Revolutionary Psychology Samael Aun Weor
Whosoever learns how to transform mechanical reactions is in fact entering onto the vertical path. This represents a fundamental change in the “Level of Being,” an extraordinary result of the “psychological rebellion.”

Knowledge and comprehension are different. 
Knowledge is of the mind. Comprehension is of the heart.
Built to Serve Evan Carmichael
Here are the three most important questions to ask:
1. When did you decide that something had to change? 
2. What was the first thing that you did to start the change? 
3. How did you sustain the momentum?  

This is your Recipe for Success.
The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity Catherine Ponder
Prosperity is a planned result. Prosperity is the result of deliberate thought and action. There is nothing hit and miss about prosperous living. It is a planned result, just as a bridge or building is a planned result. 
Without deliberate, prosperous plans, there will be no prosperous results on a consistent, permanent basis.
AUM The Melody of Love Joseph Cornell
Famous words, “Know Thyself.” When you truly do know yourself, you realize that you and everything you see—are blissful manifestations of AUM. The eight attributes of God — love, peace, joy, power, wisdom, calmness, light, and sound — emanate from Cosmic Vibration. 
Living in the consciousness of AUM is the highest way to serve others. Then AUM’s thrilling bliss flows through your inner being and touches the hearts of all creation.
The Philosophic Baby Alison Gopnik
How is it possible for human beings to change? 

There are three intertwined strands in the answer — learning, counterfactuals, and caregiving, or more poetically, truth, imagination, and love.
Strangers to Ourselves Timothy Wilson
One of the most important lessons from social psychology is that people are masterful spin doctors, rationalizers, and justifiers of threatening information and go to great lengths to maintain a sense of well-being. 
And the psychological immune system operates largely outside of awareness. 
Good Vibes Good Life Vex King
Your mentality forms your reality. If you can’t change a situation, change your perception of it. That’s where your personal power lies. 

Either be controlled OR be in control. 
Good Vibes, Good Life.
Invisible Companions J. Bradley Wigger
Visibility is not the essence of essence. And perhaps we can better see how children so effortlessly form relationships with invisible beings whether imaginary companions, grandfathers who have died, or even an invisible God.
Animal Farm George Orwell
Look at a vision that, in its bitter wisdom, gives us the clearest understanding we possess of the possible consequences of our social and political acts.
The Plant Paradox Steven R. Gundry
What You Stop Eating Has Far More Impact on Your Health Than What You Start Eating 
Pay Attention to the Care and Feeding of Your Gut Bugs, and They Will Handle the Care and Feeding of You. After All, You Are Their Home. 
Fruit Might as Well Be Candy 
You Are What the Thing You Are Eating, Ate
Journeys out of the Body Robert A Monroe
We can formally define an OOBE (out of body experience) as an event in which the experiencer:

- seems to perceive some portion of some environment which could not possibly be perceived from where his physical body is known to be at the time; and

- knows at the time that he is not dreaming or fantasizing.
On Desire William B Irvine
Desires that are desired, so we can fulfill some other desire, are instrumental desires. 
Terminal desires, are things we want for their own sake and not for the sake of something else. They are either hedonic (motivated by feelings) or non-hedonic (motivated by willpower).
The Telomere Secret Ed Park MD
Six cylinders that will power the engine of your optimal life. 

These six TeloMirror Tools (TMTs) are your:

How to Change Your Mind Michael Pollan The New Science of Psychedelics
The mystical journey seems to offer a graduate education in the obvious. Yet people come out of the experience understanding these platitudes in a new way; what was merely known is now felt, takes on the authority of a deeply rooted conviction. And, more often than not, that conviction concerns the supreme importance of love.
What every BODY is Saying Joe Navarro
A vivid, dynamic environment where every human interaction resonates with information, and as an opportunity to use the silent language of the body to enrich your knowledge of what people are thinking, feeling, and intending to do.
Surrounded by idiots Thomas Erikson
The most important lesson that you can walk away with is that the idiots who surround you are, in fact, not idiots at all. Instead, they are individuals worthy of respect, understanding, and being valued.

As always, it’s all about self-awareness. Good qualities can become drawbacks in the wrong circumstances, no matter what the quality is.
The Ultimate Secret Dr Steve Cangiano
Keep in mind that like many times in history, old beliefs have surrendered to a new truth, and a complete transformation in our beliefs is happening again. 

The Law of Accelerating Expansion is the solution, and we need it to become common knowledge now.
On Becoming a Person Carl R Rogers
The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. The direction which constitutes the good life is that which is selected by the total organism, when there is psychological freedom to move in any direction. 
This organismically selected direction seems to have certain discernible general qualities which appear to be the same in a wide variety of unique individuals.
WillPower Roy F Baumeister Rediscovering Our Greatest Strength
We can divide the uses of willpower into four broad categories: starting with the control of thoughts, control of emotions, impulse control and performance control. 
Willpower, like a muscle, becomes fatigued from overuse but can also be strengthened over the long term through exercise.
Shit Your Ego Says James McCrae
When you have a neutral mind, still during both good times and bad and remain detached from the mood swings of your Ego, you will know which thoughts should be ignored and which deserve your focus. Otherwise your mind will behave like dust blowing in the wind, lost, with no foundation.
Before we can have, we must be. Before we can be, we must imagine.
The E Myth Revisited Michael Gerber
The Entrepreneur dreams, 
The Manager frets, 
The Technician ruminates. 

Balance the three. 

1. Your Primary Aim
2. Your Strategic Objective
3. Your Organizational Strategy
4. Your Management Strategy 
5. Your People Strategy
6. Your Marketing Strategy
7. Your Systems Strategy
Lying Sam Harris
Ethical transgressions are generally divided into two categories: the bad things we do (acts of commission) and the good things we fail to do (acts of omission). We tend to judge the former far more harshly. 
Lies beget other lies. When you tell the truth, you have nothing to keep track of.
The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy Ari Whitten
LLLT/PBM (photobiomodulation) is more than an alternative kind of medical treatment; it is a whole new method to control cellular processes and modulate living organisms by precise alterations in the chemistry of biomolecules.

These wavelengths of light are “bioactive” in humans. That means that these types of light literally affect the function of our cells.
The Book You Wish Your Parents had Read Philippa Perry
So, what is the collaborative method, and how does it work? Define the problem by defining yourself. Find out the feelings behind the behaviour. The child may need help with this. Validate those feelings. Brainstorm solutions. Follow through, repeating any steps as necessary.

And don’t judge your child.
Dopamine Nation Dr Anna Lembke
One of the most remarkable neuroscientific findings in the past century is that the brain processes pleasure and pain in the same place. Further, pleasure and pain work like opposite sides of a balance. 

Finding connectedness and meaning requires radical honesty.
Freedom The End Of The Human Condition Jeremy Griffith
Humans have suffered not from the genetic opportunism based, non-psychological animal condition, but the conscious mindbased, PSYCHOLOGICALLY troubled HUMAN CONDITION.

Suffering psychological upset was the price of his heroic search for understanding. Whenever there has been a major insoluble problem for mankind, the answer, when finally found, has always been very simple!
Get out of Your Head Jennie Allen
What if I told you that one beautiful, powerful thought could shift this chaotic spiral of your life for the better, every time you thought it? What if you could grab hold of one truth that would quiet the flurry of untruths that has left you feeling powerless over your brain? One thought to think. Could you do that? Such a thought exists.

It’s this: I HAVE A CHOICE! That’s it. The singular, interrupting thought is this one: I HAVE A CHOICE.
Laughter An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic Henri Bergson
By organizing laughter, comedy accepts social life as a natural environment, it even obeys an impulse of social life. And in this respect it turns its back upon art, which is a breaking away from society and a return to pure nature.

We may as well confess—though somewhat reluctantly—that we laugh not only at the faults of our fellow-men, but also, at times, at their good qualities.
What to say When Talking to YourSelf Shad Helmstetter
What we believe determines our attitudes, affects our feelings, directs our behavior, and determines our success or failure:   
1. Programming creates beliefs. 
2. Beliefs create attitudes. 
3. Attitudes create feelings. 
4. Feelings determine actions. 
5. Actions create results. 
That’s how the brain works. 
The only solution that includes all three of the essential ingredients that create lasting change in the bran is: “SELF-TALK”
Understanding Human Design Karen Curry
We are each a holographic representation of the divine, recycled star-dust that is a part of a greater whole. What we do individually on a microcosmic level affects the macrocosm of life on earth.

The greatest gift you can give the world is you. 
The True You.
The Myth of Sisyphus Albert Camus
No code of ethics and no effort are justifiable a priori in the face of the cruel mathematics that command our condition. What is one to conclude, how far is one to go to elude nothing?
Is one to die voluntarily or to hope in spite of everything?
Breath the New Science of a Lost Art James Nestor
By various means, in various ways, in various eras of human history, all these pulmonauts discovered the same thing. They discovered that the optimum amount of air we should take in at rest per minute is 5.5 liters. The optimum breathing rate is about 5.5 breaths per minute. That’s 5.5-second inhales and 5.5-second exhales. 
This is the perfect breath.
What Happened to You Bruce Perry Oprah Winfrey
The experiences in the first years of life are disproportionately powerful in shaping how your brain organizes. How you were loved informs the way your important neural networks are shaped, especially those core regulatory networks! 
This is why I believe so strongly in the “What happened to you?” approach; it avoids the judgment of “What’s wrong with you?”
Negative Self Talk and How to Change it Shad Helmstetter
The combination of wording, repetition and emphasis increases the amount of neural networks that are being formed and activated in your brain, which increases the strength of the program message you're receiving. These can be positive or negative. Choice is yours!
Believe in YourSelf  Joseph Murphy
Truly the only sin is ignorance. Pain is not a punishment; it is the consequence of the misuse of your inner power. Come back to the one Truth, and realize that there is only One Spiritual Power, and it functions through the thoughts and images of your mind.
A Course in Mracles Dr. Helen Schucman
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. It is not necessary to seek for what is true, but it is necessary to seek for what is false. Every illusion is one of fear, whatever form it takes. And the attempt to escape from one illusion into another must fail.

If you seek love outside yourself you can be certain that you perceive hatred within, and are afraid of it. Yet peace will never come from the illusion of love, but only from its reality.
The Power of Neuroplasticity Shad Helmstetter
The seven vital elements for wiring positive programs are the following:
1. Mindfulness
2. Choices
3. Intention
4. Focus
5. Repetition
6. Emotion
7. Belief

Remember, repetition creates habit—and the whole point is to get your autopilot, which controls your unconscious choices and actions, working for you instead of against you.
Oneness Rasha
Do not delude yourself into thinking that the world situation is “out of control.” Quite the contrary; the situation is very much “under control.” It is under the moment-to-moment control of the collective mind-set, which co-creates it and recreates it in the ever-evolving moment of Now. The adverse conditions with which much of your world is grappling in these times are not the victim-oriented results of random conditions. All of it is energy based.
Secrets of Divine Love A Helwa
The whole purpose of faith is not to be “good enough” before we begin on the path to God, but to come with all our deficiencies to God, knowing that only He can fill in our gaps through His mercy. We realize that what God calls us to do in His name is not based on our current ability, but on what is possible through our greatest God-given potential.
Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment Rudolf Steiner
The first is the faculty of discriminating in thoughts between truth and appearance or mere opinion. The second attribute is the correct estimation of what is inwardly true and real, as against what is merely apparent. 
The third rests in the practice of the six qualities already mentioned: thought-control, control of actions, perseverance, tolerance, faith and equanimity. 
The fourth attribute is the love of inner freedom.
Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities Russell Targ Harold E. Puthoff
In these days of gravitational waves, ELF propagation, and "quantum interconnectedness," the burden of proof with regard to excluding the possibility of paranormal functioning now lies with the skeptics.
Being and Nothingness Jean Paul Sartre
Everything that is true of me is true of the Other. While I attempt to free myself from the Other’s hold, the Other tries to free himself from mine; while I try to enslave the Other, the Other tries to enslave me.
You are a Badass Jen Sincero
The truth is, the only questions you ever need to consider when making decisions about your life are:
1. Is this something I want to be, do, or have?
2. Is this going to take me in the direction I want to go (not should go)?
3. Is this going to screw over anybody else in the process?
Awakening the Planetary Mind Barbara Hand Clow
We all participate in this group mind, which is not solid or physical, and it is palpable.
This group mind is real but less dense than our bodies, and it is textured and colored by each person’s sense of time and history; it is fluid and changes as cultures and people evolve.
The 4D emotional body is greatly shaped by events in 3D, such as events staged to manipulate people.
The Language of Emotions Karla McLaren
Emotions are fluid, ever-changing, and extremely versatile. Emotions move, and they carry massive amounts of information with them. They’re often deeply perceptive (if sometimes painfully so) and profoundly healing, as long as we approach them correctly, interpret them honorably, and treat them with respect.
The Disappearance of the Universe Gary Renard
There is no statement that the world is more afraid to hear than this: I do not know the thing I am, and therefore do not know what I am doing, where I am, or how to look upon the world or on myself. Yet in this learning is salvation born. And what you are will tell you of Itself.
Freedom From Body Memory Jonathan Tripodi
Body memory develops from a chain reaction of biological events. 
The process looks like this:
Overwhelming Experience > Freeze Response > Suppression > Isolated Muscle Tension > Whole-Body Tension via Connective-Tissue Restriction > Body Armor > Physical Symptoms
Happy Money Ken Honda
There are only two approaches you can take:
you can either use your money well or allow your money to use you.
Your money history is how you have lived with money. Once we know why we think the way we do about money, we can begin to heal and change.
Many Lives Many Masters Brian Weiss
Wisdom is achieved very slowly. This is because intellectual knowledge, easily acquired, must be transformed into emotional or subconscious, knowledge. 
Once transformed, the imprint is permanent. Behavioral practice is the necessary catalyst of this reaction. Without action, the concept will wither and fade. Theoretical knowledge without practical application is not enough.
The Code Breaker Walter Isaacson
Fathoming the wonders of life is more than merely useful. It is also inspiring and joyful. That is why we humans are lucky that we are endowed with curiosity. 
And maybe that instinct 
—curiosity, pure curiosity— is what will save us.
Claim Your Power Mastin Kipp
Are you ready? 
We’ve got no time to waste. Your life’s unique Purpose is calling, and so are all those whose lives you’re meant to touch. Remember to get out there, take action, and make it real!
The Mastery of Self Don Miguel Ruiz Jr
For a Master of Self, peace comes with forgiveness, by letting go of any poison that you're holding on to. If you let that poison drown you, then you become part of the cycle that has brought suffering into this world. To forgive the Dream of the Planet for the darkness is to forgive any place of darkness within ourselves.
Know ThySelf
The Third Wave Alvin Toffler
All memories can be divided into those that are purely personal or private and those that are shared or social. Unshared private memories die with the individual. Social memory lives on. 
Our remarkable ability to file and retrieve shared memories is the secret of our species’ evolutionary success. 
No Boundary Ken Wilber
The point of this discussion of self/not-self boundaries is that there are not just one but many levels of identity available to an individual. These levels of identity are not theoretical postulates but observable realities—you can verify them in and for yourself.
Go looking for "self" and you will discover it is not there and the truth is, there are no boundaries.
Love Medicine and Miracles Bernie S Siegel
Exceptional patients do indeed want to be educated and made “doctors” of their own cases. One of the most important roles they demand of their physicians is that of a teacher. 
In the face of uncertainty, there is nothing wrong with hope. Hope is not statistical. It is physiological!
A Thousand Brains Jeff Hawkins
Tenet Number 1: Thoughts, Ideas, and Perceptions Are the Activity of Neurons
Tenet Number 2: Everything We Know Is Stored in the Connections Between Neurons
Discovery Number 1: The Neocortex Learns a Predictive Model of the World 
Discovery Number 2: Predictions Occur Inside Neurons 
Discovery Number 3: The Secret of the Cortical Column Is Reference Frames
Team Human Douglas Rushkoff
Humans are defined not by our superior hunting ability so much as by our capacity to communicate, trust, and share. The easiest way to break free of simulation is to recognize the charade and stop following the rules of the game.
The Body Keeps the Score Bessel van der Kolk
The brain-disease model overlooks 4 fundamental truths: 

(1) Our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another.
(2) Language gives us the power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences
(3) We have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching
(4) We can change social conditions to create environments in which children and adults can feel safe and where they can thrive.
Shift into Freedom Loch Kelly
You start by listening to the thoughts, then you believe the thoughts, and then you believe the thoughts are you. It is important that you directly experience that you are primarily the awareness that hears all voices and thoughts. 

Local awareness is one of awake awareness’s four modes of expression, along with spacious awareness, awake awareness embodied, and open-hearted awareness. Local awareness is a vehicle that is already here and can take us home.
Zen in the Art of Archery Eugen Herrigel
You must become a pupil again, a beginner; conquer the last and steepest stretch of the way, undergo new transformations. If you survive its perils, then is your destiny fulfilled: face to face you behold the unbroken Truth, the Truth beyond all truths, the formless Origin of origins, the Void which is the All, is absorbed into it and from it you emerge reborn.
Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking Malcolm Gladwell
A critical part of rapid cognition is known as thin-slicing. “Thin-slicing” refers to the ability of our unconscious to find patterns in situations and behavior based on very narrow slices of experience. We actually can find out much of what we need to know just by focusing on the Four Horsemen: defensiveness, stonewalling, criticism, and contempt.
The key to good decision making is not knowledge. It is understanding.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra Friedrich Nietzsche
What the populace once learned to believe without reasons,
who could refute it to them by means of reasons?
For fear — that is man's original and fundamental feeling; through fear everything is explained, original sin and original virtue.
Capitalist Realism Mark Fisher
Capitalism is what is left when beliefs have collapsed at the level of ritual or symbolic elaboration, and all that is left is the consumer-spectator, trudging through the ruins and the relics.
Inherently dysfunctional the cost of it appearing to work is very high.
Super Attractor Gabrielle Bernstein
When you care about how you feel, you maintain an energy of receptivity.
How do I want to feel today? Who do I want to be today? What do I want to receive today? What do I want to give today?
How Emotions Are Made Lisa Feldman Barrett
An emotion is your brain’s creation of what your bodily sensations mean, in relation to what is going on around you in the world.
In every waking moment, your brain uses past experience, organized as concepts, to guide your actions and give your sensations meaning. When the concepts involved are emotion concepts, your brain constructs instances of emotion.
The Silva Mind Control Method Jose Silva
Before a person can grow beautiful roses in his garden, that person must grow beautiful roses in his mind. Before an architect can design an exquisite building, he must have an exquisite building in his mind. Before an artist can produce an attractive painting, the artist must mentally see such a painting.
For an event to occur in the world of matter your office, your store, your factory — it must happen first in the pictures of your mind.
A Radical Awakening Shefali Tsabary
Looking in the mirror is the hardest thing in the world. No one wants to admit that they are the cause of their own misery — no one. It’s just too painful. It’s much easier to go about life innocent of our own contribution. 
Checking in on our sneaky ego is the key.
Vibrational Medicine Richard Gerber M.D.
Construct an image of humans as entities who consist of more than physical nerves, muscles, and bones. We are multidimensional beings of energy and light, whose physical body is but a single component of a larger dynamic system.
Put another way, humans are mind/body/ spirit complexes which exist in continuous dynamic equilibrium with higher energy dimensions of reality.
In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts Gabor Maté
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to understand addiction without asking what relief the addict finds, or hopes to find, in the drug or the addictive behaviour.
Dismissing addictions as “bad habits” or “self-destructive behaviour” comfortably hides their functionality in the life of the addict. 
The first question is not “Why the addiction?” but “Why the pain?”
Oneness vs the 1% Vandana Shiva
Human history through the ages, between the power of domination and destruction, mastery and ownership, AND the nonviolent power of co-creation, co-operation, coevolution.
The power of violence and destruction comes from separation from nature and from each other.
Our nonviolent power comes from interconnectedness and oneness. This is why seed by seed, farmer by farmer, plate by plate, we are sowing an alternative based on intelligence and science, responsibility and awareness, care and compassion.
Indistractable Nir Eyal
In the future, there will be two kinds of people in the world: those who let their attention and lives be controlled and coerced by others, and those who proudly call themselves ‘indistractable’.
You can’t call something a distraction unless you know what it is distracting you from. Planning ahead is the only way to know the difference between traction and distraction.
Factfulness Hans Rosling
Dramatic Instincts that Distort our Perspective: 
GAP instinct, Negativity instinct, The Straight Line instinct, Fear instinct, Size instinct, Generalization instinct, Destiny instinct, Single Perspective instinct, Blame instinct, Urgency instinct.
The world cannot be understood without numbers, nor through numbers alone. How does this “global illusion” work?
Your Body is Your Brain Amanda Blake
The brain evolved to optimize access to safety (brainstem), connection (limbic system), and social status, or what we might refer to as dignity or respect (cerebral cortex).

Whereas conceptual self-awareness takes you anywhere in time, embodied self-awareness takes you to this moment in time. Because sensation can only be experienced in the present moment, embodied self-awareness brings you home to the only moment you ever have for sure, which is right now.
Synchronicity C.G. Jung
Synchronicity consists of two factors:
a) An unconscious image comes into consciousness either directly (i.e., literally) or indirectly (symbolized or suggested) in the form of a dream, idea, or premonition
b) An objective situation coincides with this content.

The one is as puzzling as the other.
DMT The Spirit Molecule Rick Strassman
A spirit molecule also leads us to spiritual realms. These worlds usually are invisible to us and our instruments and are not accessible using our normal state of consciousness.
Keep in mind that a spirit molecule is not spiritual in and of itself. It is a tool, or a vehicle.
Analects of Confucius William Jennings
Do not wish for speedy results. Do not look at trivial advantages.
If you wish for speedy results, they will not be far-reaching; and if you regard trivial advantages you will not successfully deal with important affairs.
“Superior men,” said the Master, “are modest in their words, profuse in their deeds.”
Total Freedom Jiddu Krishnamurti
People do not need guidance, they need awakening.
I think most of us are easily satisfied with explanations, and we do not seem able to go beyond mere words and directly experience something original for ourselves. We are always repeating like gramophone records, merely following some authority who promises a certain result.
The Awakening of Intelligence
If you really see the beauty of this, that the observer is the observed, that the two are not separate, then you can observe the totality of consciousness without analysis. Then you see the whole content of it instantly.
The Psychology of Money Morgan Housel
The highest form of wealth is the ability to wake up every morning and say, “I can do whatever I want today.” The ability to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, for as long as you want, is priceless. It is the highest dividend money pays.
Plato Not Prozac Lou Marinoff
Find true peace of mind through contemplation, not medication. It is the dialogue, the exchange of ideas itself, that is therapeutic. Distinguish between meaning and purpose, to help you reclaim them both in your own life.
Beyond Good and Evil Friedrich Nietzsche
The grand metaphysical systems upon the faith stating that the good man is the opposite of the evil man is false, rather it is just a different expression of the same basic impulses that find more direct expression in the evil man.
Men with a still natural nature, barbarians in every terrible sense of the word, men of prey, still in possession of unbroken strength of will and desire for power, threw themselves upon weaker, more moral, more peaceful races.
F.U. Money Dan Lok
Money is neutral—it’s paper. It’s just a medium of exchange—nothing more, nothing less. It doesn’t possess some evil power that can change who you are. It’s not magical. It’s not going to change your core being. It won’t change who you are—and if it does, there’s something seriously wrong with you. Money simply amplifies more of what you are. If you’re a jerk, more money will just make you a bigger jerk. If you’re a nice person, more money will make you a nicer person.
Talk Like TED Carmine Gallo
I call it the “emotionally charged event” — or what some refer to as the wow moment — the “holy smokes moment.” It’s the one moment in a presentation when you drive your point home, your listener’s jaw drops, and she says to herself, “Holy smokes, I get it now!”
Skin in the Game Nassim Taleb
You cannot separate knowledge from contact with the ground. Actually, you cannot separate anything from contact with the ground. And the contact with the real world is done via skin in the game: having an exposure to the real world, and paying a price for its consequences, good or bad.
Stop Fixing YourSelf Anthony De Mello
By simply being aware, all that is false and neurotic within you will drop and your eyes will open to the divinity surrounding you. What you are aware of, you control. What you are unaware of controls you. You are always a slave to what you’re not aware of. When you’re aware of it, you’re free from it. It’s there, but you’re not affected by it. You’re not controlled by it; you’re not enslaved by it. That’s the difference.
What is needed is not learning but unlearning, not talent but courage.
Love YourSelf Like Your Life Depends on IT Kamal Ravikant
We, as human beings, think that we’re thinking. Not true. Most of the time, we’re remembering.
We’re reliving memories. We’re running familiar patterns and loops in our head. For happiness, for procrastination, for sadness. Fears, hopes, dreams, desires. We have loops for everything.

1. Mental loop
2. A meditation
3. Mirror
4. One question
Bruce Lee Striking Thoughts
To free one’s self from preconceived notions, prejudices, and conditioned responses is essential to understanding truth and reality.
“A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself. A good teacher is merely a catalyst.”
The Rational Optimist Matt Ridley
Exchange! The perpetual innovation machine that drives the modern economy owes its existence not mainly to science (which is its beneficiary more than its benefactor); nor to money (which is not always a limiting factor); nor to patents (which often get in the way); nor to government (which is bad at innovation). It is not a top-down process at all. It is the ever-increasing exchange of ideas that causes the ever-increasing rate of innovation in the modern world. 
The Game of Life and How to Play It Florence Scovel Shinn
Often fear stands between man and perfect self-expression. Stage-fright has hampered many a genius. This may be overcome by the spoken word, or treatment. The individual then loses all self-consciousness, and feels simply that he/she is a channel for Infinite Intelligence to express Itself through.
The Red Book C. G. Jung
You dread the depths; it should horrify you, since the way of what is to come leads through it. You must endure the temptation of fear and doubt, and at the same time acknowledge to the bone that your fear is justified and your doubt is reasonable. How otherwise could it be a true temptation and a true overcoming?
Successful Aging Daniel J Levitin
The single most important factor in determining successful aging is the personality trait of Conscientiousness. Adopting new lifestyle choices is difficult. But if you remember WHY the lifestyle change is important, you’re more likely to stay with it, even when your motivation flags a little bit.
The Immortality Key Brian C Muraresku
Not only is there evidence of psychedelic beer and wine at the heart of the Greek and Christian Mysteries, but also evidence of their suppression by the religious authorities.
Some prefer reading about God. Others prefer experiencing God. If you’re in the latter camp, the only way to experience God is to die before you die.
Reality is not what it seems Carlo Rovelli
Science is not reliable because it provides certainty. It is reliable because it provides us with the best answers we have at present. Science is the most we know so far about the problems confronting us. It is precisely its openness, the fact that it constantly calls current knowledge into question, which guarantees that the answers it offers are the best so far available: if you find better answers, these new answers become science.
The Almanack of Naval Ravikant Eric Jorgenson
You’re going to die one day, and none of this is going to matter. So, enjoy yourself. Do something positive. Project some love. Make someone happy. Laugh a little bit. Appreciate the moment. And do your work. 
 Doctors won’t make you healthy. Nutritionists won’t make you slim. Teachers won’t make you smart. Gurus won’t make you calm. Mentors won’t make you rich. Trainers won’t make you fit. Ultimately, you have to take responsibility. Save yourself. 
The Mystery of the Anasazi Civilization Semir Osmanagic
Will our distant descendants know about us or will they think that they are the “first intelligent civilization on Earth” just as we proudly imagine ourselves to be, in our ignorance?
The Lessons of History Will and Ariel Durant
The only real revolution is in the enlightenment of the mind and the improvement of character, the only real emancipation is individual, and the only real revolutionists are philosophers and saints. 
We must remind ourselves again that history as usually written is quite different from history as usually lived. The historian records the exceptional because it is interesting—because it is exceptional.
Debt The First 5000 Years David Graeber
The very fact that we don’t know what debt is, the very flexibility of the concept, is the basis of its power. If history shows anything, it is that there’s no better way to justify relations founded on violence, to make such relations seem moral, than by reframing them in the language of debt — above all, because it immediately makes it seem that it’s the victim who’s doing something wrong.
Wisdom Codes Gregg Braden
The words of our everyday language directly influence the way our brain “wires” itself when it comes to how we think, and even what we are capable of thinking about. A single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.
Storytelling Animal Jonathan Gottschall
Man is the storytelling animal. Wherever he goes he wants to leave behind not a chaotic wake, not an empty space, but the comforting marker buoys and trail signs of stories. He has to keep on making them up. As long as there’s a story, it’s all right.
Barking up the Wrong Tree Eric Barker
RULE 1: Pick the right pond
RULE 2: Cooperate First
RULE 3: Being selfless isn't saintly, it's silly 
RULE 4: Work hard and make sure it gets noticed
RULE 5: Think long term and make others think long term
Self-compassion beats self-esteem. Success does not lead to happiness as often as happiness leads to success. 
The Patriarch David Nasaw
Had Joseph P. Kennedy not been the patriarch of America’s first family, his story would be worth telling. That he was, only adds to its drama and historical significance. His primary goal, as a younger man, was to make so much money that his children would not have to make any and could devote their lives to public service. 
“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
Alchemy of Happiness Al Ghazzali
Real self-knowledge consists in knowing the following things:
What art thou in thyself, and from whence hast thou come? Whither art thou going, and for what purpose hast thou come to tarry here awhile, and in what does thy real happiness and misery consist?
Predictable Success Les McKeown
Plan to start your business in “listen” mode — you’ll find out where your customers are by asking, not by talking. 
The three stages before Predictable Success (Early Struggle, Fun and Whitewater) are growth stages. The stages after Predictable Success (Treadmill, The Big Rut and Death Rattle) are decline stages.
Who not How Dan Sullivan Benjamin Hardy
Results, not effort, is the name of the game. "WHO" creates results, "HOW" creates problems. Move out of the transactional relationships into TRANSFORMATIONAL ones. You can know what you’re committed to by your results, not by what you say your commitments are. Who do you want to be a hero to?
Who can help YOU do this?
Blank Fedja Stukan
When the war breaks out - run. Preserving life is the top priority. Nothing is more important. Don’t listen to anyone who says anything differently. You get one life only. Death is nothing. Death doesn’t hurt. Enjoy, that is the essence.
Superintelligence Nick Bostrom
We can tentatively define a superintelligence as any intellect that greatly exceeds the cognitive performance of humans in virtually all domains of interest. Speed superintelligence, Collective superintelligence, Quality superintelligence. We look at artificial intelligence, whole brain emulation, biological cognition, and human–machine interfaces, as well as networks and organizations.
This should be developed only for the benefit of all of humanity and in the service of widely shared ethical ideals.
The Crowd Gustav Le Bon
The memorable events of history are the visible effects of the invisible changes of human thought. The reason these great events are so rare is that there is nothing so stable in a race as the inherited groundwork of its thoughts.  
When the structure of a civilisation is rotten, it is always the masses that bring about its downfall.
Becoming Bulletproof Evy Poumpouras
“How do I make someone respect me?” “You can’t.”  
Respect is not something that can be forced or demanded. It’s a gift. If someone wants to give it to you, they will. And if they don’t, they won’t. That’s it. 
Yes, your words are your most powerful weapon. But when it comes to commanding respect, sometimes it’s best to hold your silence and simply show the world who you are through what you do.
The Richest Man in Babylon George Clason
You first learn to live upon less than you could earn. Next you learn to seek advice from those who were competent through their own experiences to give it. And, lastly, you have to learn to make gold work for you. 
Last remedy for a lean purse is to cultivate thy own powers, to study and become wiser, to become more skillful, to so act as to respect thyself. Thereby shalt thou acquire confidence in thy self to achieve thy carefully considered desires. 
How Not to Be Wrong Jordan Ellenberg
Improbable things happen a lot. Aristotle, as usual, was here first: despite lacking any formal notion of probability, he was able to understand that it is probable that improbable things will happen. Granted this, one might argue that what is improbable is probable. 
Logic forms a narrow channel through which intuition flows with vastly augmented force.
Sand Talk Tyson Yunkaporta
The language became more politically correct, but the globalizing goals of cultural uniformity, economic compliance, and homogenized identities remained the same. 

Kinship-Mind Story-Mind Dreaming-Mind Ancestor-Mind Pattern-Mind 
Respect, Connect, Reflect, Direct.
The Way to Love Anthony De Mello
The reason why you are unhappy is because you are focusing on what you do not have rather than on what you have right now. What makes you happy or unhappy is not the world and the people around you, but the thinking in your head. Almost every negative emotion you experience is the direct outcome of an attachment. 
You must choose between your attachment and happiness. You cannot have both.
Drawdown Paul Hawken
Decarbonization is a word that describes the problem, not the goal. Addressing, slowing, or arresting emissions is necessary, but insufficient.
Drawdown describes the reduction of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. There are two means by which to achieve it. Decrease emissions AND Sequester Carbon.
How to Lie with Statistics Darrell Huff
Keep in mind is that the distortion of statistical data and its manipulation to an end are not always the work of professional statisticians. What comes full of virtue from the statistician’s desk may find itself twisted, exaggerated, oversimplified, and distorted-through-selection by salesman, public-relations expert, journalist, or advertising copywriter. 
WHO says so?
HOW does he/she know?
WHAT's missing?
Did someone change SUBJECT?
Does it make SENSE?
The Molecule of More Daniel Lieberman
Dopamine isn’t the pleasure molecule, after all. It’s the anticipation molecule. To enjoy the things we have, as opposed to the things that are only possible, our brains must transition from future-oriented dopamine to present-oriented chemicals, a collection of neurotransmitters we call the Here and Now molecules, or the H&Ns.
I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. —E. B. White
the Seat of the Soul Gary Zukav
What is respected by some people may not be respected by others. It is possible to respect one person and not respect another, but it is not possible to revere one person without revering every person. 
Authentic Empowerment — the alignment of the personality with the soul
Bechamp or Pasteur Ethel Hume
It must strike anyone as a topsy-turvy method to start the cure of natural diseases by the production of artificial; and the principle of vicarious suffering can surely only hold good ethically by voluntary self-sacrifice. 
There are no specific diseases; there are specific disease conditions. 
Start With Why Simon Sinek
People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it. They sell us WHAT they do, but we buy WHY they do it. 
When WHY, HOW, and WHAT are in balance, authenticity is achieved and the buyer feels fulfilled. When they are out of balance, stress or uncertainty exists. When that happens, the decisions we make will also be out of balance. Without WHY, the buyer is easily motivated by aspiration or fear.
SuperLife Darin Olien
5 LifeForces are:
The key thing to remember, each one you get right works to support the other four. The opposite is also true: if we fail to maintain one of the life forces, it drags down the others, setting off a cascade of failures that can be seriously damaging over time. 
Breaking Open Jules Evans
 Our mental, emotional, and spiritual health is both created and treated by the culture we live in. Ours is dominated by the medical paradigm which, in its diagnostic handling of mental health issues, teaches us to grow up afraid of any “abnormal” experiences. 
There is a problem with a default medical model, a tendency to reductionism and an over-eagerness to reach for the prescription pad.
Einstein's Dreams Alan Lightman
For the children, time moves too slowly already. They rush from moment to moment, anxious for birthdays and new years, barely able to wait for the rest of their lives. The elderly desperately wish to halt time, but are much too slow and fatigued to entrap any bird. For the elderly, time darts by much too quickly.
The Big Leap Gay Hendricks
Understanding why we’ve limited ourselves liberates a new energy in us, which we can draw on to propel us to new heights of abundance, love, and creativity.  Once you understand that you’re where time comes from, you have the power to make as much of it as you want.
Connected Nicholas Christakis
Friendship and loyalty had trumped self-interest. This is exactly the dilemma that most of us face every day: Do we help our friends or help ourselves? And what are the consequences? Will we look dumb if we help others? Will we look mean if we do not? Is it possible to be nice and survive? And how can we possibly make these decisions when we have many friends in a dancing pattern of shifting alliances and interests? 
Lost Connections Johann Hari
You are not a machine with broken parts. You are an animal whose needs are not being met. You need to have a community. You need to have meaningful values, not the junk values you’ve been pumped full of all your life. You need to have meaningful work. You need the natural world. You need to feel you are respected. You need a secure future. You need to release any shame you might feel for having been mistreated.

You are not suffering from a chemical imbalance in your brain. You are suffering from a social and spiritual imbalance in how we live.
The Power of When Michael Breus
For fifty thousand years, our ancestors organized their daily schedules around their inner clocks. 
4 Chronotypes:
The One Thing Gary Keller
In the world of success, things aren’t equal. A small amount of causes creates most of the results. Just the right input creates most of the output. Selected effort creates almost all of the rewards. Success is about doing the right thing, not about doing everything right. The trick to success is to choose the right habit and bring just enough discipline to establish it. That’s it. That’s all the discipline you need. 
The Untethered Soul Michael Singer
You are not your thoughts; you are aware of your thoughts. You are not your emotions; you feel your emotions. You are not your body; you look at it in the mirror and experience this world through its eyes and ears. 
You are the conscious being who is aware that you are aware of all these inner and outer things. 
Radical Honesty Brad Blanton
We all lie like hell. It wears us out. It is the major source of all human stress. Lying kills people. 
The three levels of telling the truth are: revealing the facts; honestly expressing current feelings and thoughts; and, finally, exposing the fiction you have devised to represent yourself and your history.
Nonviolent Communication Marshall Rosenberg
1. observations
2. feelings
3. needs
4. requests

We can replace language that implies lack of choice with language that acknowledges choice. We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel. 
Stealing Fire Steven Kotler Jamie Wheal
“Phenomenological Reporting” STER: 
Norepinephrine and dopamine typically underpin “romantic love,” endorphins and oxytocin link mother to child and friend to friend, anandamide and serotonin deepen feelings of trust, openness, and intimacy. Flowing through groups at once, you get tighter bonds and heightened cooperation.
Mind to Matter Dawson Church
This isn’t a comic book or sci-fi movie; this is your LIFE! Changing your brain is something you’re doing every day. Now it’s time to direct the process deliberately in a way that improves your life. 
Homo Deus Yuval Harrari
This is the paradox of historical knowledge. Knowledge that does not change behavior is useless. But knowledge that changes behavior quickly loses its relevance. The more data we have and the better we understand history, the faster history alters its course, and the faster our knowledge becomes outdated.
The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz
There are no shortcuts to knowledge, especially knowledge gained from personal experience. Following conventional wisdom and relying on shortcuts can be worse than knowing nothing at all. 
If you run a company, you will experience overwhelming psychological pressure to be overly positive. Stand up to the pressure, face your fear, and tell it like it is.
The Start up of You Reid Hoffman
We are all works in progress. Each day presents an opportunity to learn more, do more, be more, grow more in our lives and careers. Keeping your career in permanent beta forces you to acknowledge that you have bugs, that there’s new development to do on yourself, that you will need to adapt and evolve.
Antifragile Nassim Taleb
The mother of all harmful mistakes: mistaking absence of evidence (of harm) for evidence of absence. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.
Conscious Annaka Harris
Could the universe literally be teeming with consciousness flickering in and out, overlapping, combining, separating, flowing, in ways we can’t quite imagine—depending on the laws of physics in a way we don’t yet understand? 
The Kybalion by Three Initiates
"He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery." 
We overcome the lower laws, by applying still higher ones and in this way only. Use Law against Laws!
Time to Think Nancy Kline
The best conditions for thinking, if you really stop and notice, are not tense. They are gentle. They are quiet. They are unrushed. They are stimulating but not competitive. They are encouraging. They are paradoxically both rigorous and nimble.
It Is Not Your Money Tosha Silver
You align with the highest outcome and let yourself be guided to the right actions at the right time. And sometimes with a specific problem, the correct route is simply to wait. You’ll know when a door opens. If you trust that all needs will be answered, you’ll never have to convince anyone, change their mind, or prove your worth.  
Conscious Language Robert Stevens
Energy follows thought. Fighting for peace is like making love for virginity. Peace is attained when we are at peace in consciousness. Saying, “I don’t know” only breeds “not knowing.” Choosing to know brings knowing.
The way of the warrior erwin mcmanus
The warrior knows that peace does not come from control but from relinquishing control. Inner peace does not come by accident, nor by desire. Inner peace is a journey toward self-mastery. The war to end all wars is the battle for the human heart. 
Hardwiring Happiness Rick Hanson
When you tilt toward the good, you’re not denying or resisting the bad. You’re simply acknowledging, enjoying, and using the good. You’re aware of the whole truth, all the tiles of the mosaic of life, not only the negative ones. 
1. H-ave a positive experience.
2. E-nrich it.
3. A-bsorb it.
4. L-ink positive and negative material.
The 12 Week Year Brian Moran
Stop thinking in terms of a year; instead focus on shorter time frames. Accountability, commitment, and greatness in the moment are the foundation. 
1. Vision 2. Planning 3. Process Control 4. Measurement 5. Time Use make you great!
The Power of Eight Lynne McTaggart
The primary system of communication in the body is not chemical reaction, but quantum frequency and subatomic energetic charge. There’s a physical component to the joy that people experience when helping others, which psychologists refer to as a “helper’s high.”
The Upside of Your Dark Side Todd Kashdan
We avoid negative emotions not because we’re too dumb to know better, but for four basic—and very intuitive—reasons:
1. They are unpleasant.
2. They represent getting stuck in a rut.
3. They are associated with a loss of personal control.
4. They are perceived (correctly!) as having social costs. 
The Emotion Code Dr Bradley Nelson
"Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten." Buddha
The Doors of Perception Aldous Huxley
Sensations, feelings, insights, fancies – all these are private and, except through symbols and at second hand, incommunicable. 
We can pool information about experiences, but never the experiences themselves. From family to nation, every human group is a society of island universes.
The World's Religions Huston Smith
There are truths that religious institutions preserve, and which in turn empower those institutions. When religions are sifted for those truths, a different, cleaner side appears. They become the world’s wisdom traditions. They begin to look like data banks that house the winnowed wisdom of the human race.
Peak Anders Ericsson Robert Pool
This is a fundamental truth about any sort of practice: If you never push yourself beyond your comfort zone, you will never improve.
The brain, like the body, changes most quickly in that sweet spot where it is pushed outside, but not too far outside, its comfort zone.
The Dancing Wu Li Masters Gary Zukav
“Reality” is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. 
What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.
Breath by Breath Larry Rosenberg
Sometimes the unpleasant feelings become neutral, or pleasant, though that isn’t the point. You’re not trying to change anything. Mindfulness itself is a subtle energy with transformative power. Awareness is an energy that transforms anything it comes in contact with.
Reader Come Home Maryanne Wolf
People are definitely dumber. They just keep passing stuff around. Nobody fact-checks anything anymore. Separating truth from fiction takes time, information literacy, and an open mind, all of which seem in short supply in a distracted, polarized culture. We love to share instantly and that makes us easy to manipulate.
The Prophet Kahlil Gibrani
The teacher who walks in the shadow of the temple, among his followers, gives not of his wisdom, but rather of his faith and his lovingness. If he is indeed wise, he does not bid you enter the house of his wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.
Atomic Habits James Clear
There are three layers of behavior change: a change in your OUTCOMES, a change in your PROCESSES, or a change in your IDENTITY. 
All habits proceed through four stages in the same order: CUE, CRAVING, RESPONSE, and REWARD.
Awareness comes before desire.
Earthing Clinton Ober Steven Sinatra
Body is a highly intelligent electro-biochemical system, strongly influenced by its internal electrical environment. Countless electrical charges regulate countless biochemical reactions, enzymatic transformations, protein formation, and pH (acid/alkaline) balance. Earth’s surface electric potential serves as the body’s stabilizing reference point or ground.
Heal Your Body Louise Hay
Awaken within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process. The point of power is always in the present moment. NO ONE thinks in your mind but you. 
There are really just two mental patterns that contribute to dis-ease: fear and anger.
What Do Women Want Daniel Bergner
The attainment of a woman’s wish, required not closeness but a measure of distance. Females have been scripted to maximize their investment by being choosy, by securing a male likely to have good genes and be a good long-term provider to her and her offspring. Parental investment theory.
Propaganda Edward Bernays
Human desires are the steam which makes the social machine work. Only by understanding them can the propagandist control that vast, loose-jointed mechanism which is modern society.
The great enemy of any attempt to change men’s habits is inertia. Civilization is limited by inertia. 
Reality Therapy William Glasser MD
An immediate, assured source of pleasure is never willingly given up for a larger but uncertain remote satisfaction. Irresponsible people, always seeking to gain happiness without assuming responsibility, find only brief periods of joy, but not the deep-seated satisfaction which accompanies responsible behavior.
Creating Affluence Deepak Chopra
Wealth consciousness is a state of mind, a sense, not of believing, but really knowing that what we need is available to us. There is power in knowledge, desire, and spirit. And this power within you is the key to creating affluence.
Meetings With Remarkable Men G.I. Gurdjieff
A remarkable man who stands out from those around him by the resourcefulness of his mind, and who knows how to be restrained in the manifestations which proceed from his nature, at the same time conducting himself justly and tolerantly towards the weaknesses of others.
Master and his Emissary Ian McGilchrist
Over the entrance to the gates of the temple of science are written the words: "Ye must have faith." It is a quality which the scientist cannot dispense with. Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are part of nature and therefore part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Acquire the habitude of 13 virtues. Don't distract your attention by attempting the whole at once, but one of them at a time. Master one, then proceed to another, as the previous acquisition of some might facilitate the acquisition of certain others, arranged them with that in mind.
Things My Son Needs to Know about the World Fredrik Backman
Masculinity changes. That’s the whole idea. It’s almost impossible even to discuss it with other adults. For a society that constantly claims we shouldn’t make any distinctions between men and women, we sure spend an awful lot of time defining exactly what those differences are.
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die Karol Truman
  “Doing Something About It” 
1. LISTEN to your words — to your outer talk. This is training for
2. Listening to and hearing your SELF-TALK, what you are saying to your Self. This will open the passageway to your 
3. THOUGHTS. By recognizing your thoughts you can begin tracing them back to 
4. FEELINGS, which initially triggered the thoughts in the first place.
Women Who Run With the Wolves Clarissa Pinkola Estes
To be ourselves causes us to be exiled by many others, and yet to comply with what others want causes us to be exiled from ourselves. It is a tormenting tension and it must be borne, but the choice is clear.
“Ignorance is not knowing anything and being attracted to the good. Innocence is knowing everything, and still being attracted to the good.”
Becoming Supernatural Joe Dispenza
It requires a clear vision and a change in energy — that is, a new state of being — that is sustained for a long enough period of time and executed with a strong enough will that it causes others to raise their own energy and become inspired to do the same.
No Drama Discipline Daniel Siegel Tina Bryson
Behavioral issues simply can’t be resolved with a one-size-fits-all approach that we apply to every circumstance or environment or child.
What is your definition of discipline anyway, and why do we immediately tie it to punishment, rather than an opportunity to learn and grow?
Mutant Message Down Under Marlo Morgan
Believe, the only way a person ever truly changes anything about self is by own decision, and that everyone has the ability to change anything they want to about their personality. There is no limit to what you can release and what you can acquire. Also believe the only true influence you have on anyone else is by your own life, how you act, what you do.
Forty Rules of Love Elif Shafak
When something needs to be said, I’ll say it even if the whole world grabs me by the neck and tells me to keep quiet. A life without love is of no account. Submission is a form of peaceful acceptance of the terms of the universe, including the things we are currently unable to change or comprehend.
The Top Five Regrets of the Dying Bronnie Ware
1. Have the courage to live a life true to myself not the life others expect of me
2. Don't work so hard
3. Have the courage to express my feelings
4. Stay in touch with my friends
5. Let myself be happier
The Awakening of Asa Thor Agustina Thorgilsson
Golden Ray is the 12th Ray of Creation. It is the highest frequency of God’s Light on the Earth Plane and is, what is known as Christ Consciousness and the experience of Oneness with the Creator.
Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Francesca Cavallo
"They thought bullets would silence us, but they failed. Let us pick up our books and our pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.”
Malala Yousafzai
The Perfect Gene Diet Pamela McDonald
Stage 1: Pre-contemplation
Stage 2: Contemplation
Stage 3: Preparation
Stage 4: Action
Stage 5: Ongoing Maintenance
Stage 6: Relapse or Termination 
My Voice will go with You Sidney Rosen
“It ain’t what we don’t know that gives us trouble. It’s what we know that ain’t so that gives us trouble.”
Master the use of ANECDOTES
Wishes Fulfilled Wayne Dyer
What is now proved was once only imagined. 
You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly. 
Dying to be Me Anita Moorjani
In order to truly care for someone unconditionally, I have to feel that way toward myself. I can’t give away what I don’t have. 
Selfishness comes from lack of self-love.
My Name is Red Orhan Pamuk
My way. Your way. 
The Right Way.
He said. She said. 
Genius James Gleick
It is not certainty, but freedom from certainty that empowered people to make judgments about right and wrong: knowing that they could never be more than provisionally right, but able to act nonetheless.
The Reconnection Eric Pearl
The universe isn’t the four-dimensional construction we humans are used to perceiving and living in. Humans function in a world of height, depth, width, and time. That’s all we know. But that’s not all there is, not by a long shot.
The Hidden Life of Trees Peter Wohlleben
Oxygen. A person breathes in nearly 2 pounds of oxygen a day, to live. Who produces oxygen?
Meet Your Soul Elisa Romeo
Your Soul is the oldest, wisest, and always-loving part of yourself, and your Soul has access to incredible knowledge. “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” 
Initiation Elisabeth Haich
The “I” has never been and never will be born, only the body. The true, divine self is perfection itself, so a development in it is not possible. Only the body must develop in order to be able to manifest higher and higher vibrations and higher and higher frequencies of the self.
Your Invisible Power Genevieve Behrend
 “As you think, so are you” does not mean “as you tell people what you think,” or “as you would wish the world to believe you think.” It means your innermost thoughts; that place where no one but you know.
Weapons of Mass Instruction John Taylor Gatto
Make sure the schooling system teaches our children:
1. Self-knowledge
2. Observation
3. Feedback
4. Analysis
5. Mirroring
6. Expression
7. Judgment
8. Adding Value 
Millionaire Success Habits Dean Graziosi
You don’t have to add time to your day to learn new habits; you just have to replace the old habits. When you focus on the outcome rather than the obstacle, your life will never be the same.
Never Split the Difference Chris Voss
Negotiating does not mean browbeating or grinding someone down. It simply means playing the emotional game that human society is set up for. In this world, you get what you ask for; you just have to ask correctly. 
Illusions Richard Bach
Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished; If you are alive, it isn’t.
Remember, you don’t tell the quality of a master by the size of his crowds.
30 Lessons for Living Karl Pillemer
If you let outside pressures determine how you feel and what you do, you have just abdicated your job as CEO of your own life.
The Denial of Death Ernest Becker
What does it mean to be a self-conscious animal? 
The most that any one of us can seem to do is to fashion something—an object or ourselves—and drop it into the confusion, make an offering of it, so to speak, to the life force.
The Rise of Superman Steven Kotler
The fight-or-flight response, a.k.a. the adrenaline rush, cocktails adrenaline, cortisol (the stress hormone), and norepinephrine.The brain switches to reactive survival autopilot. Options are limited to three: fight, flee, or freeze. FLOW is the opposite: a creative problem-solving state, options wide open.
Building a StoryBrand Donal Miller
Your customer should be the hero of the story, not your brand. Help defeat a villain by solving external, internal and philosophical problems. Create reciprocity. Position yourself as the guide.
Dare to Lead Brene Brown
We move information from our head, to our heart, through our hands. 
Armored leadership vs. 
Daring Leadership
Listen with the same passion with which you want to be heard.

King Warrior Magician Lover Robert Moore Douglas Gillette
The enemy for both sexes is not the other sex but infantile grandiosity and the splitting of the Self that results from it.
Goddesses in Every Woman by Jean Bolen
Demeter - the mother Persephone - the daughter
Hera - the wife 
Aphrodite - the lover
 Artemis - the sister and competitor
 Athena - the strategist Hestia - the hearth keeper
Judgement Detox Gabrielle Bernstein
1. Whiteness your judgment without judgment 
2. Honor the wound
3. Put love on the altar
4. See for the first time
5. Cut the cords
6. Bring your shadows to light
Man's Search for Meaning Victor Frankl
Human being is not one in pursuit of happiness but rather in search of a REASON to become happy.
Success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ENSUE.
How Children Succeed Paul Tough
COGNITIVE SELF-CONTROL "We need to let ourselves fail and discover ways to learn from these failures which will lead us to fear failure less."
Field of Love Martin Birrittella
If you want to experience the Field, you have to experience moving your attention even if it’s for just 5 minutes a day to start. 
Sperm Wars Robin Baker
“If you were a human sperm, there is no prize for coming second.” What is best for one partner is very often not best for the other.
The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins
Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs.
The Danish Way of Parenting Jessica Joelle
Play, Authenticity, Reframing, Empathy, NO ultimatums, Togetherness. 
21 Lessons for the 21st Century Yuval Harari
“Questions you cannot answer are usually far better for you than answers you cannot question.” 
When Breath Becomes Air Paul  Kalanithi
How much time do I have left here? How many more breaths are meant for me? What makes my life meaningful enough to go on living? 
Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism Chogyam Trungpa
If there is less fascination and satisfaction with the explosion and release of your energy, then there is more likelihood of transmuting it. 
The One Sentence Persuasion Course Blair Warren
NEVER correct and convince. VALIDATE and FASCINATE!
Trump The Art of the Deal Donal Trump
Learn from your friends, learn from your enemies!
LISTEN to your GUT. 
Show up with ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM. Stand up TALL. ACT!
Storytelling Made Easy Michael Hauge
1. Setup 2. Crisis 3. Pursuit 
4. Conflict 5. Climax 
6. The Aftermath 
Your GOAL is to elicit emotions
Mindset The New Psychology of Success Carol Dweck PhD
1. Embrace Your Fixed Mindset
2. Become Aware of Your fixed-mindset Triggers
3. Give Your fixed-mindset Persona a Name
4. You’re in touch. Educate it!
The 1% Rule Tommy Baker
daily application (CONSISTENCY) + 
persistence (FOCUS) + 
"Maximum growth happens at the intersection of support and challenge."
The Righteous Mind Jonathan Haidt
Fairness/Cheating Loyalty/Betrayal
“Anyone who values truth should stop worshipping reason.” 
Dirty Genes Ben Lynch
We continuously add information to our genetic code. Do it consciously! 
“If our mind is sick, we are sick. Focus on the individual, not the disease.” 
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Dr Joe Dispenza
Break free from the emotions that you have memorized - which have become your personality.
To Change Your Life, Change Your Beliefs about the Nature of Reality.
The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton
Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.
Authentic Happiness Martin Seligman
Authentic happiness is far more than just fixing what's wrong. It is about identifying, cultivating and amplifying ones most fundamental strengths and virtues, using these traits to the fullest every day at work, love, play and parenting.
The Edge Effect Eric Braveman
1. Dopamine VOLTAGE
2. Acetylcholine SPEED
4. Serotonin SYNCHRONY
Know your nature. Balance.
The 5 Second Rule Mel Robbins
The more you believe that you are in control of your life, your actions and your future the happier and more successful you will be. Hesitation is the kiss of death. 5,4,3,2,1 GO!
Autobiography of a Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda
"To love both the invisible God, Repository of all Virtues, and visible man, apparently possessed of none, is often baffling. Inner research soon exposes a unity in all human minds-the stalwart kinship of selfish motive."
Meditations Marcus Aurelius
"It is not objects and events, but the interpretations we place on them that are the problem. Our duty is therefore to exercise stringent control over faculty of perception, with the aim of protecting our mind from error."
Mastery George Leonard
1. Instruction 
2. Practice 
3. Surrender 
4. Intentionality 
5. Edge
To learn is to change and change is inevitable!
The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth Jonny Bowden
"Don't believe anything I, or anyone else tells you about something as individual as nutrition, diet and health. Instead, do your diligence. Be responsible."
Recovery Russell Brand
Are you a bit fucked? Could you not be fucked? Are you, on your own, going to un-fuck yourself? 
"This manual for self-realization comes not from a mountain but from the mud"
Why We Sleep Matthew Walker
"Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day - Mother Nature's best effort yet at contra-death"
Pedagogy of the oppressed Paulo Freire
"Leaders who do not act dialogically, but insist on imposing their decisions, do not organize the people-they manipulate them. They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress."
The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D. Wattles
Pass from the competitive to the creative mind! Creative energy works through the established channels of natural growth! Always give use value in excess of the cash value received.
Increase LIFE!
The Alchemist Paulo Coehlo
BE in the PRESENT. NEVER give up! Fear-LESS. 
“I see the world in terms of what I would like to see happen, not what actually does.”
Inner Engineering Sadhguru
Responsibility actually means YOUR ability to RESPOND. 
"In rage, you become one with the group, out of rage, you become one with the Universe" Decide to go IN and explore.
The End of Dieting Joel Fuhrman
How nutritious is the food you eat? KNOW your FOOD. 
"I am not asking you to diet. I am asking you to change your fundamental beliefs about food."
The Seven Spiritual Laws Deepak Chopra
PRESENT Moment Awareness
Intention and Attention
Self-referral vs. Object-referral
Acceptance - Responsibility - Defenselessness
The Leader Who Had No Title - Robin Sharma
By infusing leadership into everything you do and each thing you touch, you can live remarkably. 
Be more 
Power vs Force David Hawkins
Power actually energizes, it gives forth, supplies and supports. It gives life and energy. Force on the other hand has to be justified, constantly consumes and it also has an insatiable appetite. Power attracts and force repels.
Made in America Sam Walton
Commit - Share - Motivate - Communicate - Appreciate - Celebrate - Listen - Exceed
Control your expenses better than the competition and don't be afraid to go the opposite direction from everyone else.  
The Surrender Experiment Michael Singer
Let go of your personality's reactions of "like" and "dislike". Allow for the complete message to be created using your MIND, not just the story teller inside the head brain. What is being asked of me here and now? How can I SERVE?
Unlimited Memory Kevin Horsley
"The greatest secret of a powerful memory is to bring information to life with your endless imagination." Concentration, Creation of Imagery, Connection of Concepts, Continuous use
The Happiness Advantage Shawn Achor
"Our interpretation of reality changes our experience of that reality." Is my interpretation from a base of gratitude or ego? Common sense is NOT common action. ACT!
Scaling Up Verne Harnish
"If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking" 
R.B. Fuller
Big Magic Elizabeth Gilbert
Let yourself fall in love with your creativity. Love always overtakes fear. Look at it with fresh eyes of a passionate lover. Sneak off and have a secret affair with your most creative self.
The 5 Love Languages Gary Chapman
Falling in love is not by choice, staying in love IS. Keep the love tank full, by choice.
1. Words of Affirmation 2. Quality Time 3. Receiving Gifts 4. Acts of Service 5. Physical Touch
Zen Mind, Beginners Mind Shunryu Suzuki
"When you become you, Zen becomes Zen. When you are you, you see things as they are and you become one with your surroundings"
1. Right Practice 2. Right Attitude 3. Right Understanding
Relentless Tim Grover
"When you become too focused on what is going on around you, you lose touch with whats going on deep inside you." Is your dark side controlling you, or are you controlling your dark side? Trust yourself. Decide. Be relentless!
The China Study Colin Thomas Campbell
​​​​​​​"Correlation does not equal causation." Where is your knowledge coming from? What do you eat? How is it working our for you? Listen to your intuition, LOVE your body, it is your home, it is a temple!